Prabhupada Letters :: 1970
a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

May 4, 2006
Monday, May 4, 1970  

Los Angeles

Bahulasva - Berkeley
Rshi Kumara - New York
Satsvarupa - Boston
Umapati - Paris
Harer Nama - Boulder
Subaladas - Philadelphia
Rupanuga - Buffalo
Sridama - Providence
Jaya Gopala - Columbus
Vamanadeva - St. Louis
Bhagavan dasa - Detroit
Madhudvisa - San Francisco
Hamsaduta - Hamburg
Citsukhananda - San Jose
Gaurasundara - Hawaii
Revatinandana - Santa Barbara
Durlabh - Laguna Beach
Gajendra - Seattle
Gurudasa - London
Bali Mardan - Sydney
Sripati - Montreal
Sudama - Tokyo
Hayagriva - New Vrndavana
Jagadisa - Toronto
Cidananda - Vancouver
Damodara - Washington

My Dear Sons,

Please accept my blessings. I hope everything is going on well in your center.

As each and every ISKCON Center is my life and soul for preaching this movement, I hope you are doing your best to conduct the regular routine duties of the Temple--chanting regularly the beads, observing the restrictive regulations, taking Sankirtana Party to the streets, and selling our magazines and books.

Nos at the present moment, I am concentrating my energy in this Los Angeles Center as ideal for all other centers in respect of Deity worship, Arati, Kirtana and other necessary paraphernalia. As I have curtailed my moving program, I wish that you may come here at your convenience and stay here for a few days and see personally how things are going on, and by meeting with me personally for necessary instruction, I hope simultaneously in all Centers that activities will be of the same standard.

Hope this will meet you in good health, and more when we meet.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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