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a.c. bhaktivedanta swami

Jan 21, 2006
Thursday, January 21, 1970  

Los Angeles

Dear Sriman Yeager,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated December 20, 1969.

Upendra is now living with me and he has spoken very nicely about you so some way or other I understand you are interested in Krishna Consciousness and this is a good sign and opportunity. Please try to understand the philosophy with all your reason and faith; and as you have inquired from me I shall try my best to convince you in the subject.

Regarding your question that "the devotees are more kind than the Lord because they understand the purpose of the Lord," I may inform you that the Lord's advice to His devotee (pointing out to Arjuna) is that one should not speak about God-consciousness to a person who is neither a devotee nor has undergone any disciplinary methods. But a devotee sometimes takes the risk of approaching nondevotee rascals even at the cost of life.

The best example is your Christian religion's Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ risked his life for speaking God-consciousness amongst a people who were fanatics. A similar incident is there in the action of Lord Nityananda.

Lord Nityananda, when passing on the street, saw a crowd of people howling at some incident, and on inquiry it was found that there were two rascals of the then name Jagai and Madhai. They were always disturbing people in drunken condition. Nityananda Prabhu thought it wise that these two brothers may be delivered so that Lord Caitanya's mercy could be well known all over the world.

When Lord Nityananda approached them He was immediately hurt by violent attack. On this incident Lord Caitanya became very angry and He called for His Sudarsana cakra to kill these debauchees. Lord Nityananda then implored Lord Caitanya not to kill Jagai and Madhai but to save them. By this time Jagai and Madhai came to their senses and immediately they surrendered unto both the Lords and were delivered by the mercy of Lord Nityananda.

So Lord Nityananda or Baladeva. is the original Spiritual Master, and such pure devotee sometimes takes the risk of life in order to reclaim a person who might have otherwise been rejected by the Lord. The devotee knows that the Lord wants all the fallen souls to come back to Home, and therefore the devotees always try to induce the conditioned souls to take to Krishna Consciousness by various ways and means.

Therefore the conclusion is that a devotee is more kind than the Lord Himself.
By such advanced devotional service a devotee becomes quickly recognized by the Lord. That is also stated in the Bhagavad-gita. Actually, without the mercy of a devotee nobody can approach the Lord directly--and it is easier to get mercy of a devotee than to get mercy of the Lord. So therefore the most intelligent way of approaching God is to take shelter of a pure devotee.

Somehow or other if one can please a pure devotee of the Lord, such action means immediate satisfaction of the Lord, even though such a person is not officially qualified to receive the mercy of the Lord.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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January 21, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Bali Mardan,

Please accept my blessings. When I was in London I received your kind letter dated 28 November, 1969, but as there were many engagements regularly as well as there was installation ceremony on the 14th of December, I could not reply your letter sooner.

Now the MS of Krishna book as well as the pictures, it is not yet settled up where it is to be printed either in Japan or in our own press, but I have acknowledged the letter of Dai Nippon and the copy is enclosed.

I understand that you are now preparing for going to Australia, and I am so much glad that you are so enthusiastic in preaching the transcendental cult of Krishna Consciousness. Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu will be very much pleased upon you. Lord Caitanya desired that this cult of love for Krishna, which is the highest benefit for the living entity, shall be preached all over the world. As an intelligent boy you can understand how much this Krishna Consciousness Movement is necessary for the upliftment of the human society.

Due to their extraordinary materialistic way of life, the so called "civilized" human society has degraded to the position of the animals. They are now dancing naked on the public stage and so called "respectable" persons are going to enjoy such performances. The animals wander here and there naked, the monkeys walk naked; even the aborigines in the jungles they also cover their private parts by some skin or tree or leaf. I do not know how the so called "civilized" men are gliding to the stage of animal life and still they are proud of their advancement of education and civilization.

So the disease of the human society is becoming more and more acute and Lord Caitanya desired that the Indians should preach this cult for the benefit of the human society. Unfortunately, the present generation of Indians is more attracted to technological knowledge than this cult of Krishna Consciousness. Their position is very precarious.

Somehow or other, under the order of my Spiritual Master I have brought this cult of Krishna Consciousness and handed it over to the American boys and girls. So I am appearing to everyone, especially intelligent boys like you, to take up the propaganda work of Krishna Consciousness Movement very seriously, and it will be a great service to the human beings.

We have got now sufficient books and literatures and our philosophy is super-excellent. We are authorized, and we shall go ahead more and more.

I hope this will find you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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January 21, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Jaya Pataka,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 17 January, 1970 along with your maintenance fund check and the copy of the incorporation documents. You have done a great service by incorporating our Society in Canada. Please immediately send a copy to Cidananda in Vancouver branch so that he can do the needful also.

I am glad to learn that you are realizing about Krishna's providing us with more and more facilities and that you are appreciating for my following purely the instructions of my Spiritual Master. Yes, that is the secret of success. In the Caitanya Caritamrta it is said that one is successful in Krishna consciousness by the combined Mercy of the Spiritual Master and Krishna. By the Mercy of Krishna we come in contact with a bona fide Spiritual Master and by the Mercy of a bona fide Spiritual Master we can approach Krishna.

So, both of Them are cause and effect of either of Them. Krishna is the original Spiritual Master known as Caitya Guru and He manifests Himself as the Instructor Spiritual Master. So this principle of following Krishna and Guru simultaneously is the secret of success, and if you follow this policy in the chain of disciplic succession than there is no doubt about your final achievement.

The Sankara's Bhaja Govinda verse is as follows:

bhaja govindam bhaja govindam
bhaja govindam mudha mate
prapte sannihite khalu marane
nahi nahi raksati dukrin karane.

This is Sankara's last instruction to his followers, and the purport is that the mayavadi philosophers are very much accustomed to draw favorable meanings from unwanted interpretations by grammatical jugglery. In Sanskrit the grammatical jugglery is a great puzzle, there are many words which can be changed into different meanings by grammatical root derivations and affixing and prefixing pratyayas.

So Sankara advised that do not try to exact favorable conclusions by beating the Sastras, but be submissive to Lord Govinda and worship Him. Otherwise, this grammatical jugglery of words will not help you at the time of death. At that time only if you can someway or other remember the Lotus Feet of Govinda, Krishna, that will save you, O' the fool number-one. Don't waste your time in misinterpreting the sastras.

I hope this will find you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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January 21, 1970  

Los Angeles

Sri Caitanya Gaudiya Math
35 Satish Mukherjee Road

My Dear Sripada Madhava Maharaja,

Please accept my humble dandabat. I thank you very much for your encouraging letter dated 11 January, 1970 from Gauhati. It is so very much pleasing that you are preaching the message of Lord Caitanya throughout Northern India beginning from Lahore to Gauhati. Similarly, I am also trying my best to execute this service in my humble capacity as far as possible.

You will be pleased to know that very recently we are going to send some preachers to Australia. We have got already our center in Tokyo; and I am sending two devotees, one from Tokyo; and another from here, Los Angeles, to Sydney (Australia). I hope you will kindly bestow your blessings for successful execution of this new adventure.
Srila Prabhupada sent His disciples for preaching work mostly as Brahmacaris and Sannyasis; but I have adopted the method of sending young married couples for such preaching work, and you will be pleased to know that this system in these countries has proved more effective.

I am very much pleased to know that sometimes you enjoy the writing in my magazine, "Back to Godhead," and I am sure you are getting these regularly every month. Both your Calcutta and Vrndavana addresses are on the complimentary list. I understand also that Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Dirle, who came to your Calcutta Math to meet you, took interest in our magazines, and if you send me their address we shall be pleased to send them complimentary copies.

I am so much obliged to you that all of our Godbrothers are happy to learn about my activities in the West. Actually, whatever is happening it is due to His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada because personally I am completely incapable.

You have inquired about my books and I am pleased to report that three volumes of Srimad-Bhagavatam and one small booklet entitled "Easy Journey to Other Planets" were published from India. And since I have come to the Western countries, Messrs. MacMillan and Company have published my book Bhagavad-gita As It Is, and my Society has published Teachings of Lord Caitanya and Sri Isopanisad. Now by the Grace of Srila Prabhupada we have got our own press in Boston. On this press our Srimad-Bhagavatam shall be printed up to the Sixth Canto starting from the month of February.

But everything is possible by the Grace of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu because he specifically appeared to reclaim the most fallen souls, and I find it practically, daily that although these boys and girls are fallen in the material estimate they have taken to this Krishna Consciousness Movement very seriously and the result is very quick.

The newspaper reporters advertise about these boys and girls as the "bright faced," and actually it is so. By nature these American boys and girls are fair complexioned or white. They are beautiful also, and when they take to Krishna Consciousness with symbols of mala and tilaka they appear to be coming directly from Vaikuntha Planets.

Regarding Mayapur land, practically my jurisdiction of preaching work is covered mostly in these Western countries; and because Srila Bhaktivinode Thakura wanted it that the American and European devotees should come to Mayapur, therefore I am trying for it. If you kindly help in this connection it will be a great assistance.

I have already written to Acyutananda in this connection and whichever plot of land you altogether select, I will accept it. I have already written one letter to Sripada Yayabar Maharaja, but until now I have received no reply from him. Sripada Paramahamsa Maharaja has promised to help me in this connection. So I am awaiting their decision.

I thank you very much for your kind letter once more, and hope this will meet you in good health.

Yours affectionately,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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January 21, 1970  

Los Angeles


Recently, in the month of October, we have purchased one house in Boston at a cost of $70,000 and have started our own press at a cost of $20,000. You will be pleased to know that the American boys took to work in some professional press to learn the arts of operating press work, bookbinding etc. They earned some money by so working and now they have started the press working themselves; otherwise, it would not have been possible. So Your Holiness' blessings for these sincere devotees are very much welcome.

I am so much obliged to you for your ventilating our activities in your esteemed paper, "Sri Caitanya Vani" in India. When I was in London, your disciple Sriman Sacisuta das Adhikari saw me several times, and he was regularly attending my weekly discourses in the London Conway Hall. I understand that he is also working on some press there, and I was so much pleased to see him.

I am so obliged to you for giving shelter to Sriman Acyutananda Brahmacari when he was in Calcutta. Sriman Jaya Govinda das Brahmacari who saw you in Vrndavana is now staying in our center in Hamburg, Germany where he is in charge of "Back to Godhead" in German language. We are now publishing English "BTG" 50,000 copies per month, German "BTG" 5,000 copes per month and French "BTG" 5,000 copies per month. And very soon we may be able to publish a Spanish "BTG" from Mexico where two devotees, husband and wife are going to open a center.

Regarding our London Math at 7 Bury Place, it was very successfully opened and the seva puja operations are going on very, very nicely under the care of Srimati Yamuna Devi. It is always full with devotees since its opening and all kinds of people Indian and European are participating in the daily functions. You will be glad to learn that one Mohammedan boy in London became my disciple under proper initiation besides a few Indian Hindus also.

We are now feeling the present place of London center, although is is a five storied building, is not large enough to accommodate all the devotees. We have taken another house for the householder devotees and the present house is inhabited by thirty-one male devotees only. There is a very nice house in the neighborhood of central London demanding 100,000 English pounds corresponding to Rs. 18 lacs; but as you know, I am always penniless, it is only a dream for me.

There are many Indians like Mr. B. K. Birla who can help in this connection, but neither I have got any acquaintance with them, nor I am getting any help from India's side in this great propaganda work of Krishna Consciousness Movement which is actually felt by the local people as a major spiritual revolutionary movement.

Nobody, either European or India, expected ever that the European and American boys and girls would strictly follow the regulative principles; namely, not to indulge in illicit sex-life, no taking of intoxicants up to the point of not taking tea or cigarettes, no meat eating and no gambling. Not only that, the boys in clean-shaven head and saffron dress will go on the streets and chant Hare Krishna Mantra so jubilantly.

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Jan 18, 2006
January 18, 1970  


opposite Hanuman temple,
Magh Mela, Allahabad

My dear Sri D----ji, [handwriting indistinct]

Please accept my greetings. We are staying at the Magh Mela, at the Prayag pilgrimage. The program here is going on very nicely. It will be a great pleasure for us if you visit and stay with us in this sacred pilgrimage.

We are having daily artik ceremony many times with kirtan, and there is prasadam distribution, Sankirtan, and so many activities. And our pandel is very big, so if you come there is accommodation for staying. We invite you to come here with your family.

Yours sincerely,
A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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Jan 17, 2006
17 January, 1970  

1975 La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, Cal. 90034

Mr. Maru Kugimoto
Dai Nippon Printing Co.
Tokyo, Japan

Dear Mr. Kugimoto:

Please refer to your letter No. ODB-K5-Q/69-1037, dated 19 November, 1969.
Re: Estimate / Krishna Picture Book. I duly received it through my disciple Mr. William Berke.

You have said that the price is just at your rockbottom. I have accepted the estimate, and very soon I shall send you the manuscript. The manuscript is also ready but I am simply waiting for finishing the 52 pictures.

So within a month, utmost, everything will be ready. Suppose we submit everything by 15 February, will that be alright as you have said that winter season is quite convenient for you. And if it is so, then how much time will you take for finishing the whole printing work?

In the meantime, I have received two complimentary dummies. So I understand that the book will be printed in two parts, namely 226 pages in each part including the pictures. It is alright, but the covering appears to be thinner than #32 Strawboard.

Awaiting your early reply.

Yours Sincerely,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


cc—Mr. William Berke

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Jan 16, 2006
Friday, January 16, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Madhusudana,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated January 13, 1970 and your question is very peculiar.

You have admitted that it is something like the tricks of the mind. May I ask you if you are regularly chanting 16 rounds of beads? The tricks of the mind or influence of Maya will infiltrate if we do not follow the regulative principles and regularly chant the prescribed Names without any offense. Perhaps you know that there are 10 (ten) kinds of offenses in chanting the Holy Name.

The first offense is not to obey the order of the Spiritual Master, and the second is to minimize the authoritative value of the Scriptures. These things are infiltrating within you as I see from your writings that Vedas or Bhagavatam or Gita seem not so universal.

What is the reason of your thinking like that? What do you mean by universal? Do you think that there is any other Scripture in the world which is more universal than the Vedas and Bhagavata etc.? Is there any literature in the world which is more sublime in knowledge than the Bhagavad-gita?

The word "Krishna" means Al"l Attractive," so where you get the foreign element in Krishna? Does it mean that He is attractive for all except yourself? And if He is not attractive to you, why it is so? So you kindly answer all these questions from me.

You say that you will do as I say and you also prayed to Madhusudana to slay the demon of your doubt but unless you act according to the direction of Madhusudana how can Madhusudana or Madhusudana's father help you. You are with us practically for the last four years and still if you think you cannot surrender to Krishna without any doubt, then what kind of progress you have made by this time?

So this Krishna science can be understood through the process of sincere service, and so far any doubt which may sometimes arise in our mind there are the devotees, the Scriptures and the Spiritual Master. Did you discuss all your doubts with your contemporary Godbrothers and devotees? So there are many questions like this about you.

You say that within your heart you know that Krishna is the Original Personality of Godhead but when you think of Krishna or try to feel Him you think Krishna as foreign on account of Sanskrit language. Please, therefore, be careful that Maya is peeping at you and if you do not take care timely it may prove fatal. Please, therefore, chant regularly without the offenses and be steady in your situation without any tottering of the mind.

Krishna is the Supreme Personality of Godhead without any question. He is accepted as such beginning from Arjuna through all the great Acaryas--Ramanujacarya, Madhvacarya, Sankaracarya, Lord Caitanya, Lord Brahma, the Vedic authorities Vyasadeva and Narada--like that, down to ourselves.

So this knowledge descends through bona fide disciplic succession. You have accepted this chain of authorities, now you are feeling doubts means certainly you are being attacked by Maya.

So please take care and chant Hare Krishna regularly without any offense.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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January 16, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Yamuna,

Please accept my blessings. I am in due receipt of your nice letter dated 12 January, 1970 and I have noted the contents.

I am so happy to know that the activities in London center are progressing with such great success. It is our desire that we shall always be engaged fully 24 hours in the service of Lord Krishna; in this way our lives will become perfectly joyful simply by singing and dancing and taking Prasadam. So if you carry on your service to Radha and Krishna according to the prescribed rules, your love of Krishna will increase more and more; this you are seeing practically by the Grace of Krishna.

So far colors that may be offered to the Deities, all colors may be utilized just suitable to your scheme. But black should not be used for the Deities dresses or for Temple decorations.

Krishna as He is appearing in our Temples is in the Kisora age, and the dress which I have introduced is His dress of Kisora age. In our Temples the Deities, Radha and Krishna are worshipped as Laksmi-Narayana with all the opulences of Their Majestic Lordship in Dvaraka. The worship of Radha-Krishna as They appear in Vrndavana is a very advanced stage, so we worship Them in the Temples as Laksmi-Narayana. Actually there is no difference because Laksmi-Narayana is directly the expansion of Radha-Krishna.

We are following the prescribed method of Temple worship as it is the effective program for developing the highest perfection of pure love of Krishna.
If Prasadam is to be honored in the Temple room, the curtains may be drawn before the Deities while the devotees are taking Prasadam. The best arrangement is to honor Prasadam in a separate room for the purpose, if possible.

The arati articles may be returned to the same places, especially the conch shell, but the deeps, lamps, should be set down from their places because they must be washed.

I am very glad to learn that the three girls from France are advancing nicely under your tutelage. Please continue to train them up to chant regularly and to always keep engaged in Krishna activities. As ideal householder girl, you are giving them the best example of Krishna conscious life. Please offer my blessings to them and to all the devotees.

Hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

letters | 03:26 |

January 16, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Janardana,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your two letters post dated 2 and 4 January, 1970 respectively, the former redirected here from Boston.

I am pleased to note that although you have not yet secured a Temple building you are moving our program forward on other fronts. The arrangement for the composing and printing of BTG in French and German languages is already settled, and if you all continue to translate my books and articles and write articles yourselves; that will make the work successful.

The people in general can be reached very well by the distribution of our literatures and by the propagation of Sankirtana in the streets. These are our two mrdangas for reawakening the sleeping conditioned souls. I am especially enthusiastic for our Krishna Consciousness philosophy or the teachings of Lord Caitanya to be advanced for the benefit of the learned circle and in this connection your well received expose at the university is encouraging.

Please continue your efforts to convince them of the great universal necessity of this scientific philosophy to solve all the knotty difficulties of life by practical application of the Vedic knowledge according to the Parampara prescription of the bona fide Acaryas.

The verse which you have requested is as follows:

kirata hunandhra pulinda pulkasa
abhira sumbha yavanah khasadayah
ye'nye c papa yadupasrayasrayah
sudhyanti tasmai prabhavisnave namah

(Bhag. 2/5/18)

These are different names of non-Aryans or candalas, less than the sudras. They are called pancamas or fifth grade men. Brahmanas are first grade men; Ksatriyas, second grade, Vaisyas, third grade; Sudras, fourth grade. There are many of these different fifth grade men and it is difficult to find who are these fifth grade persons in present society. But the point is that they are all less than Sudra.So these persons are all less than Sudras but Srimad-Bhagavatam says even they, under the guidance of a pure devotee, can also be raised up the the highest standard more than the Brahmanas.

If somebody questions how it is possible, how the most degraded of the human society be more than a Brahmana that is also confirmed in Vedic language that it does not matter if one is born of low grade family or candalas, if he is a devotee of the Lord, he is first class man. There are other statements that a man after becoming a devotee becomes immediately qualified to execute sacrificial ceremonies.

In this connection, Jiva Goswami has given his commentation that a person born even in a Brahmana family is dependent on the purificatory processes as accepting initiation and sacred thread, but a devotee without waiting for such recognition becomes fit to act as a Brahmana, and this is the statement of Narada Muni in this verse. This means as stated in the Bhagavad-gita there are different symptoms of different classes of men--just like a Brahmana is truthful, clean, self-controlled, equipoised, tolerant, simple, full of knowledge, theist, and so on.

Similarly a Ksatriya has symptoms--a tendency for ruling over others, martial spirited, charitable, does not flee away from the battlefield and so on. Similarly, the symptoms of a Vaisya is his tendency to agriculture, trade, cow protection and banking. And the Sudra's tendency is to some way or other work anywhere and get some wages.

So Narada Muni says that these symptoms are not stereotyped or stagnant; they are flexible. A man may be born in the family of a Brahmana but he might have the tendency of a Ksatriya or Vaisya or Sudra. Similarly a man may be born in the family of a Sudra or Candala but he may have the tendencies for a Brahmana. Just like Ekalavya was born in a Candala family but he had the tendency of a Ksatriya. Similarly Visvamitra Muni was born in a family of Ksatriyas but his tendency was of becoming a Brahmana.

So Narada Muni says that men should be judged by his tendencies, not by his birth, and this is also confirmed in Bhagavad-gita by Lord Krishna that the four divisions of human society should be judged by the qualities in actual work. Therefore with reference to all Vedic Scriptures our members are all Brahmanas and therefore we offer them the sacred thread although they are born, according to Vedic culture, in the families of other than Brahmanas or even than the Sudras. But that does not mean they cannot be purified.

Actually they are being trained in such a way, their hearts are being purified by chanting the Mahamantra. And after some days when the Spiritual Master sees that one has followed the regulative principles faithfully and has abstained himself from the restricted items like illicit sex life, etc. and has chanted regularly 16 rounds then say after a year or six months when he appears to be purified in the judgment of the Spiritual Master he is offered the sacred thread, and he is given the chance of Deity worship in the Temple.

These Smarta Brahmanas contest that unless one is born in a Brahmana family one cannot be given these facilities. But Narada Muni says no; a man should be judged by the symptoms of his character. And Srimad-Bhagavatam says that the Kiratas, etc. can be purified by a pure devotee because the influence of Lord Visnu is so strong. Prabha Vishnave means the powerful Lord Visnu; prabha means that the light or heat of Visnu is so strong that it is possible to melt them.

Only the devotees of Lord Visnu or Krishna can be purified, not the devotees of any demigod. They will have to wait for their next birth according to their own karma.

So under this formula the whole European and American people who are so intelligent and materially advanced can be converted into pure Vedic Brahmanas, and thus their mission of human life becomes successful, and the whole world becomes a garden of blooming flowers.

Take all these words very seriously and try to propagate Krishna Consciousness with all serenity. It will be a great gift to the human society. You are a learned and intelligent and young man; think over the formula and try to execute to the best of your capacity. That is my request.

Hope this will find you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


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Jan 15, 2006
Thursday, January 15, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Harer Nama,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 31 December, 1969 and have duly noted the contents. I have just arrived here in Los Angeles from London via Boston and your letter was forwarded to me here.

I am glad to learn that there is one boy, Neal Delmonico, now staying with the devotees at the Temple. Now I am in Los Angeles, and many students will be initiated next Sunday, January 25th. So if you recommend, he may be initiated at that time. If he sticks to the principles of our devotional service, it will not be difficult to save him from the draft.

We have been recognized by the draft board as a religious society and if our student seriously understands the philosophy of Bhagavad-gita or Science of God, follows the regulative principles strictly with clear heart without any doubt, then naturally he is promoted to the ministerial status. So our Society is authorized to award the ministerial status but the students must be equally serious in understanding the philosophy.

We require hundreds of bona fide students in Krishna Consciousness. The world is in need of this function. People are going to hell for want of proper guidance. No other religious institution are so much serious about God consciousness as we are. So you must train your contemporaries in such spirit of alertness, then we shall be able to open hundreds of centers, and the people in general shall be saved from being misguided.

Hope this meets you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

N.B.--Regarding Professor Srivastava, please encourage him to participate in understanding our movement, and show him our literatures.--ACBS


letters | 02:46 |

January 15, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Madhudvisa,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 5 January, 1970 and I am glad to learn that your process of approaching the Supreme is in order. Caitanya Mahaprabhu's philosophy is that we will neither try to become equal with the Lord nor we should attempt to approach Him directly. That will make us successful.

Perhaps you have received a copy of the letter from N.Y. wherein it is admitted by the draft board that the ISKCON is a religious society. So our members who are strictly following the regulative chanting process, observing the restrictive regulations and serving the Lord faithfully will have natural ministerial status and as such they will not be called by the draft board.

So please see that all the members of our Temple are following the rules and regulations which are very simple namely to chant Hare Krishna 16 (sixteen) rounds, attending the classes, reading the books, going out for Sankirtana and taking prasadaum.

It is very good that you are trying to find out a mansion like Boston, but that house was specially required because we wanted to install the press. So far other centers are concerned even though we do not have our own house, there is no cause for perturbation because our most important thing is on the street.

So there is no hurry. We have lived in our present location for the last three years and we may live there for another three years, it does not matter, but Sankirtana program must be executed very nicely.

Another thing, perhaps you have talked already with Gargamuni that Jayananda may be required to go to India. Do you think that his going away from San Francisco will be detrimental to your working there? If it is so then the proposal may be suspended for a time because I do not wish to disturb your nice work. So I will be glad to hear from you about this.

Another thing, If Jayananda has got even a little desire for marrying there is no harm in that way but if he wants to marry, he may do so immediately and that girl Sacidevi is quite suitable. I know if Jayananda becomes married, he will not be a lost child; rather, a good wife in Krishna consciousness will be an extra impetus for his improvement.

I think Seattle Center is going nicely as I understand from Upendra. He is regularly in contact with the center and they are doing nicely.

If we can open a center in Portland, that is welcome.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

letters | 02:40 |

January 15, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Bhavananda, Aravinda, Pradyumna and Patita Uddharana,

Please accept my blessings. I am so much thankful to you all for sending me the first blue print copy of "Isopanisad". It is so nicely done that I am fully satisfied although there are certain discrepancies which I hope will be revised in our next issue. On the whole it is very nice considering the attempt being all first adventure of our boys.

I am specifically drawing the attention of Patita Uddharana that you may write articles whenever you find time and hand them over to Satsvarupa for publishing in our BTG.

Hope this meets all of you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami


letters | 02:39 |

January 15, 1970  

Los Angeles

My Dear Mukunda,

Please accept my blessings. I beg to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated 10 Jan., 1970, and it understood that the St. Giles in the Field School is available on rent. Now you have asked my instructions in this connection.

The first thing is that suppose we occupy that big house, what will happen to the present house which you have taken on lease agreement for three years? The present house being situated in a very important place, we have to think that by vacating this house we shall be losing a grand situation. Under the circumstances even though we occupy the big school house, whether we can utilize the present house or we shall keep this house as it is going on and we shall make another big attempt in that big house.

So you have to consult amongst yourselves what to do in this connection.
Now before occupying the house it must be thoroughly repaired by the owner, and I see that you have made a condition to grant L8,000/ (eight thousand) for repairs. If it is thoroughly repaired then it will be a grand house for our purposes.

The next thing is if you are in a position to pay L1,000/- (one thousand) per month. So far I know your collection at present moment is at the rate of L40-50/- (forty to fifty) per day. Now if you occupy this house, whether it will be possible for you to collect more money by some device of Prasadam distribution or otherwise. The idea is to make the big establishment in the big house, you will have to collect at least L100/- (one hundred) per day by some means or other.

The next point is whether it is possible to take the house on lease with option to purchase. The price is presently fixed up at L80,000/- (eighty thousand). Now if there is some arrangement with option to purchase and we can secure the money to pay them L80,000 the money already paid to them in lieu of rent should be deducted. In this connection, a time limit may be set up within which we may be able to secure this L80,000 and pay them less the amount already paid in lieu of rent.

I think on basis of this negotiation will be alright. So far reference for bank, I have got some money for printing my books and if required I can arrange such reference from my banker. That can be arranged.

What happened to the parcels from Bombay for the manjiras in the Lloyd's Bank? If you have received the consignment you can send me one pair here. I want to see how they are.

Please inform Yamuna devi that I have her nice letter, and I shall reply it in due course. Also offer my blessings to all devotees, Janaki, Malati and all others. Ask Gurudasa to send me some pictures of the Installation Ceremony and some of them may be directly sent to Boston for publication in BTG.

Our book, "Isopanisad," is already out and you can send orders to ISKCON Books for this item. It is very nice.

Hope this will meet you in good health.

Your ever well-wisher,
A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami

P.S. I have not as yet received payment from George for my Krishna book. Please let me know what happens.


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